Waste is a collective of creatives that strive to provide quality content in many forms – from fiction and critical reviews, to music and visual arts.

Our contributors:


Mary Kate Teske is a photographer from Billings, MT. Most of her work consists of photographs of her 1961 Dodge Lancer, Frank, which she drives around from state to state. Aside from photography, MK digs camping, rock climbing, and messing around with a few musical instruments.


Dan Nichols is a confused soul living in Thailand and actively preaching the gospel of Waste throughout the greater Bangkok metropolitan area. When he's not teaching conversational English, Dan likes to take pictures and read old books. He plans to pen critical essays on whatever he deems worthy of writing about and if he gets creative enough, he might dabble in the realm of fiction. 


Eric Toennis is a Montana born writer that fled the Big Sky for the West Coast. He currently resides in Eugene, OR enjoying greener pastures. Eric spends his days writing fiction, essays, poetry, and contemplating the vast expanse of stars, planets, and galaxies above his head. He thinks sports are pretty neat too.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lauren Frolic will most often be found with tea in hand and accompanied by her pup, Vetiver. She has a passion for plants and body modification, and from time to time will paint images involving crystals and the female form. If you catch her at home she will probably ask you to sniff a jar of her favorite herb - spearmint.

By day, Wendy J is stacking cash and taking out trash in Missoula, MT. But come night, she's trading her apron for either boxing gloves or her sketchbook. Her career as an artist began when she was a yung nug. When she isn't working on a masterpiece or kicking ass, she's usually reading, writing, or listening to some tunes.

Kelly David La Croix was born 1980, the first of three kids, to a
Chinese-American mother and Caucasian father. He grew up in Montana, and for 20 years, played in bands and held menial jobs there. He lives in Washington, spends his free time in Oregon, loves his wife and dog, makes music under the name Alter Mitty, works in public broadcasting, writes, prints, records, and at this very moment is the happiest he’s ever been.


Cooper Malin is a thug. He is a rascal who peaked in community college. A soft poet, a dedicated cartoonist, and only in it for appearances. He was born in Montana, lived here and there for a bit, and currently resides wherever the hell he feels like. When he isn't reading, writing, or drawing, he's stealing beer from supermarkets and daydreaming.


Brontë Wittpenn is a 24 year-old photojournalist based in Billings, MT. She knew she wanted to be a journalist when she joined her high school newspaper. It was the only class she didn't try to skip to smoke pot in the alley. While living abroad she developed a love for photography, and when she returned to the States she pursued a degree in photojournalism at the University of Montana School of Journalism. Currently, Brontë works at the Billings Gazette, Montana's largest newspaper. Some highlights of her career thus far include her work at Standing Rock and surrounding reservations, documenting the Women's March at the state Capitol, and rappelling down a 75-foot pit cave to find fossils with scientists. Gotta story? Hit her up!

Jordan Finn is a teacher, writer, and musician living in Brooklyn, NY, maintaining a revolutionary air when applicable. He performs with the band Idaho Green and enjoys travelling, listening to Angel Olsen, and rereading Thomas Pynchon. He also wishes being an anarchist was socially acceptable.

From his Idaho Green days...

From his Idaho Green days...

Phillip Griffin is a writer, musician, and dirtbag based out of Billings, MT. He likes writing about capitalism and other funny business, and plays in a band called Bull Market with a drummer known as Nails Jensen. Phil also sings and plays bass with a guy named Parker Brown and a guy named Grant Jones.

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