I've been fortunate in my life to have travelled the country and world on a variety of different adventures. I realized one day, while looking through my photo galleries of said adventures, that a good amount of these trips have involved coastlines and oceans in some form or another. So, I thought it would be neat to create a collage as a reminder that living by the sea would be pretty fucking awesome. Categorized by location for your convenience.


Ocean City, Maryland

Maryland 2.jpg
Maryland 4.jpg
Maryland 3.jpg
Maryland 5.jpg
Maryland 1.jpg

Newport, Oregon

Newport 3.jpg
Newport 1.jpg
Newport 2.jpg
Newport 4.jpg

Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz 2.jpg
Cadiz 6.jpg
Cadiz 5.jpg
Cadiz 4.jpg
Cadiz 3.jpg
Cadiz 7.jpg
Cadiz 1.jpg

Seal Beach, California

Seal Beach 1.jpg
Seal Beach 2.jpg
Seal Beach 3.jpg
Seal Beach 6.jpg
Seal Beach 5.jpg

Cape San Blas, Florida

Florida 4.jpg
Florida 3.jpg
FLorida 5.jpg
Florida 7.jpg
Florida 6.jpg
Florida 1.jpg
Florida 2.jpg

Florence, Oregon

Florence 4.jpg
Florence 2.jpg
FLorence 5.jpg
Florence 1.jpg
Florence 3.jpg

Viña Del Mar, Chile

Viña 2.jpg
Viña 4.jpg
Viña 6.jpg
Viña 5.jpg
Viña 1.jpg
Viña 3.jpg
Viña 7.jpg