for it's sixth installment, Julia-Louis Dreyfest 2018! We are looking for musicians, comedians, poets, and visual artists for this year’s fest, and will be accepting submissions until May 1.

Before submitting, you should know a couple things about the fest:

1). Set times are 30 minutes for bands, with 5 minutes MAX for setup and tear down. Comedians, and poets will receive information about their set lengths closer to the festival. Visual art is displayed in a variety of ways at the different venues depending on the type of art. 

2). Traveling acts will receive at least $50 for gas and expenses; you will also have the opportunity to sell your merchandise. Julia Louis-Dreyfest is entirely not-for-profit, so local acts play for free to support the Fest and venues provide their services free of charge. We realize that $50 is not truly enough to travel this far out of the way, but we also put a big emphasis on this being a really cool community event and would be stoked to have you as a part of it!