Furlough in 'Nam

Furlough in 'Nam

I know that the decision to visit Vietnam came some months before the event actually transpired in the middle of November 2017, so I'd date it around July if I was a gambling man, however, I'm a terrible gambler and I don't give a shit about the truth so the actual date doesn't matter. The events surrounding the situation, on the other hand, are worth relating: like any good decision, it was the result of beer and benevolent camaraderie.

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Brontë Wittpenn

Brontë is a 24 year-old photojournalist based in Billings, MT. She knew she wanted to be a journalist when she joined her high school newspaper. It was the only class she didn't try to skip to smoke pot in the alley. While living abroad she developed a love for photography, and when she returned to the States she pursued a degree in photojournalism at the University of Montana School of Journalism. Currently, Brontë works at the Billings Gazette, Montana's largest newspaper. Some highlights of her career thus far include her work at Standing Rock and surrounding reservations, documenting the Women's March at the state Capitol, and rappelling down a 75-foot pit cave to find fossils with scientists. Gotta story? Hit her up!