Graphic by Natalie Myers

Graphic by Natalie Myers


The world has become a waste land toxically corrupted by corporations, big-pharma, Trump, capitalism, beige homes, and suburban living. We're here, amidst the desolation, to provide you with quality content to make the time pass easy - from fiction and critical reviews, to music, visual arts, to DIY fests and podcasts. 



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 Eric Toennis | Senior Editor, Social Media Director

A Montana born writer that fled the Big Sky for the West Coast. He currently resides in Eugene, OR enjoying greener pastures. Eric spends his days writing fiction, essays, poetry, and contemplating the vast expanse of stars, planets, and galaxies above his head. He thinks sports are pretty neat too.


Mary Kate Teske | Visual Art Director

MK is your 1980s boyfriend, equipped with devilishly androgynous looks, a classic car, skills that'll make your knees weak and your synthesized neon dreams come true. 

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Cooper Malin | Graphic Design

A soft poet, a dedicated cartoonist, a rascal who peaked in community college and is only in it for appearances. Coop was born in Montana, lived here and there for a bit, but now is back, and happier for it. When he isn't reading, writing, or drawing, he's stealing beer from supermarkets and daydreaming.


Philthy Griffin | Propagandist

Phil is a writer, musician, and dirtbag based out of Billings, MT. He likes writing about capitalism and other funny business, and plays in a band called Bull Market with a drummer known as Nails Jensen. Phil also sings and plays bass with a guy named Grant Jones, and studies jazz on the upright.