Bull Market

Bull Market is an investment firm/rock band based out of Billings, MT. Welcome to our office.

Photo: Mary Kate Teske

Photo: Mary Kate Teske

Bull Market just released their debut full-length album, Broker.

"This is like if Motörhead and Rage had a baby. And then U.S. Bombs as a whole had sex with the guitar player from Bad Religion... then those babies fucked and had a baby."     -Drew McMannus, Satsang

Photo: Mary Kate Teske 

Photo: Mary Kate Teske 




"Broker" CD

"Broker" CD

Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Sticker

Bull Market Tee

Bull Market Tee

Split Tape w/ The Budgets

Split Tape w/ The Budgets


With the loyal disciple of Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, leaving the Fed Chair position, it looked as if the financial markets were doomed.  Luckily, three analysts began working on the foundation of an extremely profitable firm.  Mr. Griffin, Mr. Finn and Mr. Redinger created a financially sound institution whose primary purpose was asset allocation.  Within a couple of years, Yellen was in, and the firm decided to disband and attack the market from different locations with while diversifying their portfolios.

There seemed a high risk that Bull Market would prove to be undervalued. No more dividends, just a divide, an end.  Seeing the opportunity to reinstate the faith and trust that beneficiaries had invested in Bull Market, a new partnership was formed.

Philth and Nails vowed to keep the price to earnings ratio high… believing that investors deserve the highest volume of capital, the firm will stop at nothing to ensure dividends are made.  Clients have nothing to fear about investing.  So invest.  Invest.

Photo: Mary Kate Teske

Photo: Mary Kate Teske

Upcoming Seminars

06.22.18 | Missoula, MT | Living Room Seminar (deets TBA day of)

06.23.18 | Spokane, WA | Saranac Rooftop

06.24.18 | Tacoma, WA | TBA

06.25.18 | Seattle, WA | Central Saloon

06.26.18 | Portland, OR | The Lombard Pub

06.27.18 | Eugene, OR | The Campbell Club

06.29.18 | Pocatello, ID | The Garage

06.30.18 | Bozeman, MT | Labor Temple

07.01.18 | Billings, MT | Smiling Dog Records

Past Seminars

01.13.18 | Smiling Dog Records | Billings, MT

01.19.18 | Choppers Grub & Pub | Big Sky, MT

01.20.18 | Gallatin Labor Temple | Bozeman, MT

03.02.18 | Sonic Rainbow CDs | Casper, WY

03.03.18 | Living Room Seminar | Rapid City, SD

04.20.18 | The Mint Bar & Grill | Livingston, MT

04.21.18 | TBA | Missoula, MT

04.27.18 | Pub Station | Billings, MT


01.27.17 | Living Room Seminar | Billings, MT

03.31.17 | Chairea House | Bozeman, MT

04.01.17 | The Back Alley Pub | Great Falls, MT

04.08.17 | 2905 Montana Ave. | Billings, MT

06.09.17 | Smiling Dog Records | Billings, MT

06.10.17 | Haufbrau | Bozeman, MT

07.28.17 | The Back Alley Pub | Great Falls, MT

07.29.17 | Living Room Seminar | Missoula, MT

08.10.17 | Gallatin Labor Temple | Bozeman, MT

08.12.17 | Richard Dreyfest | Billings MT

08.19.17 | The Pub Station | Billings, MT

09.24.17 | Smiling Dog Records | Billings, MT

10.20.17 | Haufbrau | Bozeman, MT

11.02.17 | Cody Auditorium Club Room | Cody, WY

11.03.17 | Black Gold Grille | Casper, WY

11.04.17 | Living Room Seminar | Denver, CO


11.15.16 | The Loft | Billings, MT

12.02.16 | The White House | Bozeman, MT

12.03.16 | Ole Beck VFW | Missoula, MT

Photo: Mary Kate Teske

Photo: Mary Kate Teske