Desolation Springs


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Welcome to our quaint town a little further down the road. Don’t let the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rivers fool you. It’s a dreary sort of place where dreary sorts of things happen to all sorts of dreary people. A variable cast of derelicts and delinquents. A cozy place full of treachery, foolery, and general no good scummery. There’s plenty of room for everyone, always a vacancy at the Sixth Street Inn. Grab some grub and booze at one of our favorite local watering holes. Stay as long as you like, or can stand. Desolation Springs: A little out of the way, but always in our hearts. Come on down, won’t you? Just for a little while... 


Spotlight Episode

Little Jonny's Big Adventure by Eric Toennis

Little Jonny Leibowitz and his father Larry, a schmuck who's down on his luck, set out on a journey through the diverse landscape of Desolation Springs in search of something lost. Will they find what they're looking for? Come on down and join in the first Desolation Springs adventure. Drugs, sex, lies, and a whole lot more family fun await. 

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Episode List

Daring heights! Treacherous lows! Beware what awaits within those walls...


The Archives

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