Musings of a Madman

Here I provide to you, dear reader, a six pack of poems to contemplate. Does the incoherent rambling of a sleep-deprived madman count as poetry? That's for you to decide I guess...

Something So Strong

Instant Karma is going to get us all.


The ocean. Hawaii. Red flags.

warning swimmers. Strong winds.

waves as tall as skyscrapers. I remember

smacked with force.

waves thrusting toward the enemy.


Shootings in Tucson. From the town of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Through the badlands of Wyoming.

She was blinded by the light and blew up the chicken man

in Philly last night.


Distant Karma is going to get us all


Can I use your toothbrush?

Asks the lonely lover from across the town.

She lives in the neighborhood full of children in backpacks and

is ready to give up the key to the kingdom.

Standing on her front lawn

twirlin’ her baton.


Instant Caramel is going to get us all


An empty yellow house. An empty yellow life.

Infested with empty yellow bugs

and a crumbling foundation.

A city that moves so slow. Familiarity

in a crowd of one hundred thousand.


Incest Karma is going to get us all


My team lost today. The game keeps playing in my head

as I sleep and torturing my desire to forget.

Some nights they win in my dreams, but

I awake to disappointment.


Instant Karma has me

Therapeutic Relief

That boy needs therapy...





Take these pills.

Side-effects include,

but are not limited to


Does not protect


sexually transmitted diseases. 

Black and Blue

The room is cold.

Covered in ice.

A perpetual feeling.

I’m being stabbed in my back.

I can feel the


  penetrating   blade  through

                 my  blade  skin

           slowly   blade  digging

          further   blade  and

          further   blade  down.

                    It               is

           pulled                back

                out                and

               then               thrust

              back    blade   in

                 an     blade   endless

      throbbing    blade   pain

                 the    blade   room

                    is    blade   cold.


Never forget

Big Brother is watching you

The raven on thy shoulder

working on a dream

The land taken by the brave

for a scene under the Big Sky

Your white whale

will in time

be tied in a bow

and sunk beneath the waves

of infinite mass

Like A Stone



We are



Taste it


Holy Wars

But why?

“Something to do.”









It feels so good

my stomach hurts


Time isn’t an issue,

we’re already late--




On purpose




Get over it

Life is (not) fair

An Elegy under the Big Sky

No one was around to say goodbye.

Out of reach and unbeknownst.

We shed tears for your children,

while they shed for you.

The Big Sky is looming,

and it swallowed you in one bite.

Symbols of forgiveness

turned to ash.

It is a horrible night for a moondance

with no stars in sight.

Gone today and gone tomorrow.

Gone now forever.

A seven-ten split

In an empty alley.

No one is behind the plate.

The Big Sky does not seem so anymore.

Now only a sliver in the side.