My thoughts of the past

have been laid in the pasture

faded and dying,

while thoughts of moving forward

placed on a throne,

a pleasant idea

To the corners of the universe

If it were possible

To the corners of heaven

If it were to be real

The world is in ruins

But our faith stays intact

The poor sit and wait

for their kingdom come

But the kingdom

is the one robbing them

O Brave, O Brave

Where lie the brave?

The feeble and the selfish

seem to prosper

An undying gratitude

from an ungrateful race

Has it not been shouted

from the tallest of mountains?

From the lowest of trenches?

It has not

and it very well should be

We are all in pursuit

of discovery

Discovery of things

we know are there

Discovery of the unknown

Discovery of ourselves

But only a fool would say

he were to know of everything

To know of the light

To know of the dark

No one knows

For we only live in the middle

Always wondering

Learning to accept

And yet the dead

always seem to come back to life

A run-down hotel

An abandoned building

But still do we run

without knowledge or reason

Still do we walk

through the peaceful meadows

And yet

we wield a long blade

Someone must feel

the blade’s harsh blow

There must always be victory over another

Not just victory within

What a strange fate

we have brought upon our own souls

But our souls are not for the taking

They are said to last forever

But when is forever?

Could be today

Could be tomorrow

How does something just end?

How does something just begin?

The only point in living

is to be alive

That is why

the man on the streets is still alive

He breaks his back

to feel the pain

He wakes up every morning

to feel the breeze

His mind becomes acute

The sun is now his friend

But the sun is not always friendly

The weather is not always so kind

We blame it for our troubles

We blame it for our losses

But is it not us who has done the same?

Have we not hurt our mother?

Torn down her limbs?

Poisoned her soil?

And ironically

without her we would not be here

We stand in shallow lies

and some still think they will not get wet

But to each his own

And let bygones be bygones

May the wise grow wiser

and the ignorant grow more ignorant

The dreams of many

have been crushed

But the dreams of many

have also been fulfilled

The sandman carried my thoughts away

He is the keeper of all my dreams

If only another could be the keeper

of my sanity