Album Release

Billings, Montana instrumental metal band In Rapture has just released their third studio album, In Rapture. This album pushes into the realm of instrumental progressive metal by combining melodic, spacious, and frantic sounds that create a constant spinning miasma of raw emotion that one can find they easily get lost in. The self-titled collection of songs is a true adventure and test for the band as it was all self recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered. The album artwork was created with the help of talented Billings artist Natalie Myers. It portrays the same feeling of combining reality with the endless thoughts of the imagination through the music and artwork itself.

Below is the video for their first single "Salinas." Check out the full album here!

Nate Yeager - Guitar/Samples

Samm Bauer - Keys/Synths/Samples

JR Anderson -Drums/Percussion

Zach Ostwalt - Bass

Tony Morales - Guitar/Keys