Anemoia - noun. nostalgia for a time one has never known.

I will try to keep this as vague as the feeling defined above:

For lack of better phrasing, 2016 fucked me up. Forced perspective certainly affected the way I approach anything creative now. Missed opportunities, and alienation of a scene I was once deeply involved with aside, I feel like I now have more room to branch out. I stopped focusing so much on the format and sonic cleanliness of my music, and instead more “feeling”. As much as I love earth-shaking bass, I became tired of making music that catered to one thing over anything else. I approached these tracks in the opposite way I would have before. Almost everything is sample-based, they are not particularly bass-heavy, and I actually made them sound worse in exchange for a bit more emotional character. I have always struggled with presentation, and I’m not convinced there is any right way to do this, but if there is, this probably isn’t it. If there is a such thing as Hell, I will certainly be going there for sampling Marvin Gaye.