Jax Dav Arts

Monsters and mayhem await below...



Everyone asks "Where's Bigfoot?" not "How's Bigfoot?"

 Deep Sea Damien

"At Least I Have You, Gumby"


Party Animal

Lets All Get Hammered


Lowbrow Rumble



Life Is Good


Smoking Kills

The King Wears A King Crown

Fenwicke the Flamboyant

An Evening Stroll

Subscribed to Playboy for "The Articles"

Dane the Dissolver

Borblis Conspucky


Til Death Do Us Part

Bart Simpson


Big Bird

Ghost Rider

The Bad Banana

Rusomle the Third

Roller Derby Wolfman



Pee Wee Herman

Ulrich, the man with umpteen faces


Foxy Knoxy




Mandy the Moose

Jaxson Davis is a lowbrow artist born in Billings, Montana. He likes to draw creatures in vintage clothes, anthropomorphic animals, and macabre creeps. Jax's art career blossomed in late 2016 when he chose to draw a banana with a leather jacket known as The Bad Banana. Since then, he has drawn over 200 original illustrations and has created over 100 original characters.