Waste Radio: Richard Dreyfest Interviews Richard Dreyfuss

We’ve got a lot to share with you about the 5th annual, all-ages, D-I-Y Richard Dreyfest, August 11th and 12th at eight venues across Downtown Billings.

In this episode, you’ll hear interviews with some of the Montana-based and out-of-state musicians, visual artists, poets, and comedians performing at this 2-day event, along with an extra deluxe, super coveted interview with the man himself.

We’re also gonna be sharing samples of the artist’s work, little vignettes of what life’s like for them in the days leading up to the festival, and more.

Check out more artist interviews, discounted presale tix ($15!), and schedule information.


Produced by Brie Ripley.


"Do the Nelz" by Idaho Green

"Daydream" by Bull Market

"New Day Shine" by Noise Noise Noise

"Prairie is an Island" by Megagiant

"Pretty Well and Waisted" by Tiny Plastic Stars

"We Were Young" by Parker Brown

"AFK Pretty Girls" by Silverbow Society

"Barney's Theme" by Snow Bored

"Snow Boogie" by Snow Bored


Backseat Sessions: 

"I am a Stranger" by Ty Herman

"Bully Pulpit" by Maddie Alpert

"Life" by Alex Michaels


Other stuff:

"Make Something Beautiful Before You Are Dead" by Steve Roggenbuck

"Serenade" by Edgar Allen Poe


In case you missed it, here's the teaser we did for this episode: