Richard Dreyfest Interviews Cayden Taylor

by Colton Young

Anyone that has seen you perform knows you are one of the young guns of the Billings comedy scene, how long have you been doing stand up for?

I have been doing stand up technically since January of 2016 when my friends urged me to tell them some jokes, but I've been performing in front of public crowds like Laugh Jurassoff since April of 2016.

Being only 17, and a the new owner of a drivers license, what made you want to pursue comedy at such a young age other than the hope for possible female interaction?

What actually drove me to write and perform was dealing with a bit of depression after some heartbreak during my sophomore year, which I've gotten over thankfully. Also, I am a really big fan of Bo Burnham and Donald Glover who got their start in comedy at really young ages, so that made me want to at least give it a try.

What’s it like having your parents in the crowd while tastefully delivering dick jokes?

It is something that should be awkward, but my parents and I have an understanding that I am trying to be weird for the sake of being weird, so they know it's not 100% me on stage.

I’ve gotten the chance to see you perform some musically inspired and comedic poetry on stage in the past, any chance we can expect to see something similar at this year’s Dreyfest?

There is a very good chance people might see poems and/or music in my act this year, but the only way to find out is if you come see me and my friends at Dreyfest!

Before this interview, did you know who Richard Dreyfuss was? 

Unfortunately, I hadn't. However, that is the cool thing about this festival, you get to learn about the talent around Montana and be able to enjoy the different varieties of art and culture that those talent created. I have heard of some of the bands that will be playing, such as Silverbow Society (make sure to check them out as well!)

Whats your take on Bigfoot?

My take on Bigfoot? Over 7 ft. tall, girls dig a man that's over 7 ft. tall.

What does life consist of when you’re not bumming around in school or cracking jokes on stage?

My life consists of working at a restaurant, listening to music, attempting to write something comedic, and of course lots of eating and sleeping.

An English speaking garden gnome walks through the door wearing nothing.  What does he say, and why is he there?

The gnome says "I'm killer keemstar" and he's there because I'm not iDubbbz and he knows I won't hurt him. (By the way, both are pretty funny dudes, I recommend watching them)

Congrats on making it all the way to the finals of the Montana Comedy Competition this year. That’s no easy feat. I’ve noticed you have a pretty large following of young folks at all your shows. What do you refer to this legion of loyal lads as? Some have loosely labeled them as “Caydens Comrades” in the past, but what do you as their master call them?

I call them family; they've stuck with me through my really bad and really good times. I cannot thank them enough for that, and I am forever in debt in giving back to them.


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