Richard Dreyfest Interviews Chad's Friend Bill

by Ty Herman

Hiya fellas, who are you? Do you think the earth is really spherical?

Spherical is lyrical. 

Your band name is very intriguing, and I sense a lot of hidden meaning within it. How did you come up with it?

We are bad at coming up with band names. Our first official gig, wherein David Cleaves asked us what our name is and we said we didn't know, he introduced as Chad and his Friend Bill. That was too long so we shortened it to Chad's Friend Bill...

Have both of you lived in Billings for a while?

Chad was here for a while, then he escaped, then he came back. Bill has not been here for a while. 

I'm a huge fan of some of your atypical melodies and groovy syncopated drum patterns. Who are some of your biggest influences and what have you been listening to lately?

Chad's major influences are the band Low, and Radiohead. He has been listening to Low and Radiohead. Bill's influences: Sergio Mendez, Elise Regina, and Pavement.

Chad interjects, "Bill have I told you about my Lord and Saviors Low and Radiohead?" 

Bill responds, "No, I am not interested in Low and Radiohead!"

I’ve heard that zombies are piss poor fighters, but do you think a zombie apocalypse is a significant possibility? If so, what would you do?

It’s always a possibility. My advice is to give in. Zombies are way less stressed and sad during those things. Bill recommends the album "Across the Fall of Sunset" by the band Wagner and the Zombiemen. All the answers are in that album... I mean all of em' baby.

Bears are scary. What's your favorite kind of bear? 

We like to drink Street Fight at Angry Hank’s Microbrewery. We have been getting more and more into lagers. Budweiser is nice and we like sours. Not sure why you are scared of bears.

Where did you boys learn to play music? Do you have any tips for the people out there that are learning and just starting out as bands?

Look up the song "In my Room" by George Possley. That’s where we learned. We learned ourselves real good. Then Bill got a fancy ass degree. He always reminds Chad. If your just starting out stick to it, have fun, and don't do what we do to get famous.  

Do you think the Rothchild's are a bunch of smelly lizard people?

The other day I was walking my dog and I saw a lizard.  Then I was walking my lizard and I saw a smaller lizard. Then there's the thing about the Rothchild's, who can really say.  But back to the tiny lizard; he looked up and told me that one day I would name my son Jim Moron-son and he would free the people from their scathing wealth and poor bodily hygiene. Didn't think much of it though till someone asked me about my fear of da bears.

Both of you have been playing music for quite a while and in a few different cities, what are some of your most crazy or memorable gigs?

Arthouse.....Michelle painted. It was good. This place Chad played in Minneapolis had the most amazing urinals you have ever seen!!!!!! It's called the Stasiu's Bar and they have beautiful stately urinals, fit for a KIng or Chad's Friend Bill.

Thank you guys very much for being a part of this year’s festival, I love hearing your music! Would you rather sweat a gallon of peanut butter every week of your life or have Cheeto fingers until you die?

I want both, says Bill.

Yeah seriously why would you make us choose, says Chad.


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