Richard Dreyfest Interviews In Rapture

      by Kelly La Croix

Hey folks - who are we interviewing, what’s your age, what is your stance on pineapple on pizza?

Nate, 28. Samm, 27. Zach, 25. Tony, 24. JR, 22. One of us could die from consuming pineapple. So….we aren’t entirely fond of it on pizza.

I read in your bio that you started as a solo project that needed to be fleshed out. Nate, how did you choose who you would want to work with?

I knew Tony and Zach from a band called My Soul Beside Me. I recorded some of their songs and after that I showed them some material I was working on and we just started experimenting and building. I had known Samm for a few years before that. And we met JR through We 3 Bears, another band I had recorded.

Not too long ago, you all recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. First, was it at all intimidating going to a renowned location to record, knowing that so many great bands have been in the space before (small sampling of bands who have recorded there: Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Death Cab For Cutie, Heart, Sunny Day Real Estate)? Second, I see a former Billings-ite in some of the pictures on the studio’s webpage…was he your hookup? Third, how was the experience, overall?

It wasn’t too intimidating at first. But we had practiced, and practiced and played a lot of shows up until then so we were primed and ready. Our good friend Kee Curlee was working there and invited us out to record Oceans to Arsenic at the studio. We could not pass that opportunity up of course so we jumped at it! The experience was amazing and we met a lot of cool people! It was pretty intimidating having Robert Lang come steal some of our potato chips though. 

What has the general reaction been to your live shows when people learn you play instrumental music?

A lot of people are really surprised! Some people come to us and say, “I don’t really like metal, but you guys are awesome!” It’s a different reaction from everyone which is really cool because you can tell how their experience to your music truly was.

Since you are into a wide range of sounds, if you could add one more instrument to the band, what would it be?

We all like strings because of the amount of emotion you can play across the instrument. Violin, or Cello would be amazing.

Favorite Netflix/tv/online show?

It changes over time but at the moment:

Nate: Better Call Saul, South Park

JR: The Office, Seinfeld

Samm: Metalocalypse, Once Upon A Time

Zach: The Leftovers, Game of Thrones

Tony: Rick and Morty, Attack on Titan

I know that at least some of you are from Laurel (Billings’ quieter, smellier younger sibling). What’s the best thing about the place?

Skating the ghetto half pipe that was only available when the big ditch running through town was actually empty. Shit was off the chain.

A piece of music that you own that people probably wouldn’t guess that you own:

JR: My Chemical Romance, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”

Nate: Sir Mix A Lot, “Mack Daddy”

Samm: Insane Clown Posse, “The Great Malenko”

Zach: Nightwish, “The Poet and The Pendulum”

Tony: Childish Gambino, “Awaken My Love!”

Can anyone do any stupid human tricks? Y’know, like balance a mop on your forehead or triple flip into a pool of bees or whatever?

Zach can open a bottle with his teeth. It’s pretty hard to watch though. Nate’s talents are impossible to describe via text because they’re ungodly, high shrieks created using his voice. Samm can sound exactly like Jigglypuff. JR can turn purple. Tony can nail the Herbert the Pervert voice off of Family Guy.

Got any links for the readers to check out?