Richard Dreyfest Interviews The Windermeres

      by Kelly La Croix


Hi Windermeres! Who are you and what do you do and what is that awful smell?

Jeremy: I play drums and provide harmonies.

Andrew: I play guitar and sing backing vox.

Chris: I sing and play guitar and am the bossy jerk of the Windermeres

Andrew: That awful smell could be any one of us after 3 days of touritos.

Are you native Denverinians or are you from elsewhere?

Chris: We are! We are all from different suburbs of Denver.

I saw a photo of you guys and one of you had a fucking Assorted Jellybeans shirt on. First: I can’t believe anyone knows who that band is in 2017! Second: Do you guys like a lot of mid/late 90’s stuff?

Andrew: That is kind of our wheelhouse, haha.

Chris: We are pretty into all Fat Wreck and Epitaph stuff - especially mid-to-late 90s.

Will Dreyfest be your first trip to Billings/Montana in general? What (if anything) are you looking forward to?

Jeremy: Nope! We actually played shows in Billings, Bozeman, and Butte in our last tour. So this will actually be our second time in Billings this year!

I see you’re on For the Love of Punk Records, a venture, I assume, that is linked with Johnny Wilson honcho of the website For The Love of Punk. How did that relationship happen? (Side-note: Johnny has some Billings ties - when he was in Moral Crux they played out here a few
times and a few of us know him. Tell the guy hi from Billings!)

Chris: Johnny has been a fan of ours since we opened for The Gamits a few years back. When he heard that we were doing a new record, he asked if we had anybody putting it out. We didn't so he offered.

Andrew: My favorite Johnny story is how Moral Crux's first show was opening for Jawbreaker.

Chris of The Gamits produced your record. Did he impart anything to you fellas… sage words of advice or anything you observed that taught you something valuable?

Chris: Practice, practice, practice your songs before you get into the studio. Good drums and good vocals sell a record. Fogal is a pretty laid back guy. Oh! He likes to have his singers liquered up a little when doing lead vocals. He thinks it helps get them to be a little more loose and emotive.

Looking over your past and current releases, it seems like the subject matter has changed; do you intend to write socially conscious lyrics or is that just what’s at the forefront of your mind when you’ve been writing lately?

Jeremy: It's kind of hard not to be more political with the state of the country - and the world - right now. That definitely influences our music.

Chris: I feel like the first record is just as political as this one. Maybe, it was just a little more poetic or subtle. Maybe we were a little more aggressive about it on the second record? Hahaha

You guys recently lost a member. Will you be tuned up and ready in time for the fest??

Andrew: Hell yeah, we will. Nothing really slows us down.

Jeremy: We actually had a good friend fill in on our last tour and it was no problem at all. We have a similar situation for Richard Dreyfest.

You go to the corner store with $4 in your pocket. What do you purchase?

Jeremy: Water and rolling papers! Hahahaha

Andrew: Orange vitamin water and sriracha almonds.

Chris: Water and spearmint gum.

The ol’ job interview question: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Chris: Drinking beers and eating burritos with Daisy Riddley.

Jeremy: Supporting Billy Joel on his world wide farewell tour! Hahaha

Andrew: Brand new house, wife, kids, fast car, ...welll except minus the house, car, wife, and kids. Hahaha


-Richard P. Dreyfest

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