Richard Dreyfest Interviews Will Thomas

by Colton Young

Can you tell us a little bit about your comedy experience and accolades within the comedy scene in Montana?

So it's been a wild ride for me. First I was just a guy doing comedy up here. Then I was wanted in other cities in Montana. Posters with my name and face were appearing everywhere. I felt like I couldn't just blend in anymore. Had to keep moving from city to city! Then suddenly I'm winning competitions out here and now I'm ready to perform at the Art House!

If you were trapped in an elevator and had to choose two people to be stranded with, who would you choose and why?

I think I would choose Solange Knowles and Ray Rice. That would be a better fight than McGregor/Mayweather!

Have you any background knowledge on Richard Dreyfuss and or Richard Dreyfest?

Dreyfest, no. This just popped up on me. Dreyfuss though? Who doesn't know the man that brought wonder to the masses in Jaws! Do you know that Jaws doesn't even show the shark until halfway in? Kinda like my comedy-it dosent hit until you least expect it!

So, I hear you used to be a paleontologist, what kind of skills have translated from that to your success in comedy?

Whoa! Who you been talking to? Looks like I didn't bury those bodies far enough! Yeah, I did that for a while. I'd say patience, and the ability to hammer and brush at something (or someone) for minutes on end until I unravel its mystery. Still working on the mystery of women, though.

There has been speculation on you operating an underground, top secret Dino facility. Could you possibly shed some light on these rumors?

Hmm. I can't tell you everything. Just know I've leased an island from the Costa Rican government for project.

What made you decide to pursue comedy and have you always enjoyed the arts?

I've always enjoyed plays. Opera, not so much-but I can really get down with a good cast and story. As for pursuing comedy-sometimes life hands you a lemon. Life threw a bag of lemons at me repeatedly. In fact, I'm pretty sure it assaulted me. But I'm out here making Lemonade that rivals Beyonce's.

What’s the last TV show you watched and why did you choose it?

Ok. So I'm a huge Netflix guy. Give me a good series and I'll binge it. The last show I watched Kimmy Schmidt-Titus Andromeda is off the charts hilarious!

What’s it like being 35 and looking like your 21?

I don't know! I'm not 35....yet! But looking young, why thank you. It's the lotion. Always with the lotion!

If you had the opportunity to either have a Pokémon or Dino as a lifelong companion which would you choose and why?

Oh man, you're hitting the deep cuts now. I love me some Pokémon, been playing since ‘97. I'd have to take a dinosaur though, give me a Ankylosaur anytime, mainly cause they move two miles an hour, so everyone sees you (a dollar for the first person who gets that reference).

Rumor has it you’re a 90’s music guru. When its time to coax the crowd, what’s your go to karaoke song to perform?

Man! Selling my soul here. If I get the chance to wow a crowd, it's Regulators. If it's to woo a damsel, I'm breaking out the N'Sync. Tearing up my heart! Got the dance and everything!

I know you happen to be an improv studmuffin as well as a talented jokester.  How would you describe your style of comedy?

Observational absurdist. A little racial humor and a lot of physical exertion. Basically, I have a ton of stamina.

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