Richard Dreyfest Interviews Johnny Hoffman & the Residents

by Jordan Finn

*J= Joseph Krassin      D= Dylan Miller


Are you real?

J- I like to think so.

D- I'm the realest.

Who is Johnny Hoffman?

J- Fallen Hero.

D- A man; A Legend. 

Who are the Residents and what have they done with my wife?

J- I ain't no snitch.

D- ...

Is there any backstory on the formation of Johnny Hoffman & the Residents or did the band one day generate a form from random space goo slingshot around Jupiter's moon Io from the nether reaches of deep space?

J- We picked up some instruments and just kept writing.

D- I really don't think there is an explanation on this.

So Everett's where Boeing's production facilities are, making planes which makes Montana a "fly-over state". Do you take any responsibility in contributing to making our state the butt of many a coastal joke?

J- You guys should stop talking down about your state.

D- We love driving through Montana and always make a point to visit our favorite city...yes, Billings!! Third time performing and partying here.

How is Everett these days? How would you describe the local "scene"?

J- The scene in Everett is beautiful, creativity everywhere.

D- No comment.

If you could purloin the secrets of any band and steal their magic powers which would it be?

J- Probably Royal Bloods management company so I could open for Queens if the Stone Age.

D- Warner Bros. manager for the gifted bands group???

Does the Everett born singer song-writer, fictional radio DJ, and guest star of the ABC Seasme Street special "Elmopalooza"  Kenny Loggins have any affiliation with Johnny Hoffman & the Residents? 

J- Second cousin twice removed neighbor.

D- I know him from Jo. 

Do you have any exciting plans for the band's future? Syndication perhaps?

J- Europe in November and new music. 

D- New songs / Dreyfest 2017

If you could answer in pig Latin, is punk dead?

J- Nuhdago.

D- I can't handle this...


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