Gary Busby


by Will Thomas

Gary started out in the comedy world doing movies, was in a movie called Hobbes and Phil vs Zombies, and is a member of the Projectile Comedy troupe. They are an improv comedy troupe in Billings, and Gary immediately clicked and joined, and has been doing that weekly for 4 years now. He met his partner Shondel a year and a half ago, and it was from there he wrote his first stand up show and a couple months later here he is! Get inside Gary's head a bit with his Dreyfest interview:


The man, the myth, the mailman. So, Gary, what do you get more joy from, your day job or your night job?

I love my night job way more. I love to entertain.


And you do a great job apparently! What's the furthest you've traveled for comedy?

Been to Sheridan with Projectile once...


Local man. That's all right though. So, you have experience with improv and standup. Which one is better? It's ok, I wont tell anyone!

I personally love stand up, the reason is I get to tell my story...the comedy I tell is really what’s happened in my life with just a little embellishments.


Hearing the story you live is always compelling. The audience at Dreyfest will love it. Speaking of, have you attended any of the Dreyfests before?

No never.


Well we have to change that. So many good bands that weekend! If you could learn to play one instrument with your feet, what would it be?

I play the drums now...probably the piano though.


Feet piano. I'd pay to see that. Twice. So you have children, if I recall correctly. How do you think they'll react to your comedy when they’re older?

They are part of the show, so they’ll laugh when I make fun of the others but mad when it’s about themselves.


The fun of being a parent! Speaking of guidance, who do you feel have been your biggest influencers for your stand up journey?

Christopher Titus for his style and his story, we have a lot in common, also got to meet him a couple times, he gave me words of advice! Then my mom for making my stories very real! My girls for helping and Shondel for pushing me to do it!


Beautiful sentiment. A great reminder of knowing where you came from. Any words you'd like to impart on the audience before the show on Aug 11th?

Always thanks for their support!


Thank you Gary! Catch him and other great local comics at the Dreyfest Comedy Night on August 11th at Art House Cinema & Pub in downtown Billings, MT!

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